8-BrickDMG is the alias used to release my creative content on. My real name is Jason Aquino-Evans. I'm just an average guy who produces music using the old retro Nintendo Gameboy from 1989 which I possess, alongside with the music sequencer, Little Sound DJ.

I was first interested in the sounds of Chiptune music when I was introduced to the genre back in 2009 and then later that year, I found out how it was made and I was given a Gameboy and a copy of Little Sound DJ for Christmas to start with and since then I've been experimenting with the raw sounds of the sound chip.

Every now and then I will experiment and not only use the Gameboy but use it alongside other instruments with Ableton Live.

Creativity shouldn't be locked up, it want's to get out there. This is what I want to do, get my creativity out there in the form of something I enjoy.
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