A young kid who start his creativity in music when he received the tunes from his inner mind , Dedicated by imagination has reached through the speakers.

Since 1990 , Belgium Morad came into being as a newborn kid.
Started as a 15-Year old kid in the countryside of West-Flanders , Belgium - Morad practiced his productions as a passion to shape his mind.

Originally started as a Duo,his first release alongside with Regain known as Death Comes and proved as one of his revolutionary achievement and supported by known artists , in 2012 , Gearbox recruits Adventum in order to unlock his potential imagination. and released one of his best hits known as Over 9000 , Concentr8 (with Malice) and Street Scream to define his true state of mind.His sounds spreads across the world and has reached supporters abroad and he played at venues across Europe and has received support from Titan , Jason Payne , X-Pander , Sasha F , Vazard , Delete , Main Concern , Exit Mind , Regain , Project Exile and many more from the Scene.

Hold yourself tight , Adventum has still more imagination left on his sleeves and keeps dedicating himself to progress towards A New level.
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