Bella Dalton Music

Bella is a singer-songwriter from a little village in Hampshire, but is currently in her final year at Plymouth University, studying Graphic Communication with Typography.

Bella has always loved music, having violin and piano lessons at a young age and kick-started her career in music when she was granted the role of Gabriella in High School Musical, at her end of Year 6 play. She began teaching herself the guitar around the age of 16, due to her brother being in a band and she fancied herself a bit of a challenge.

From there, Bella began uploading videos on YouTube, that would barely scrape 100 views and attended a monthly open mic night at her local rugby club.

“I never thought I was very good. Just playing in my room, by myself as a little hobby was enough for me.”

Since going to university, music has really picked up for Bella. Many friends encouraged her to go ‘Jam House’, a popular student open mic night in Plymouth, to see what the reaction would be like to people other than friends and family.

The positive reaction from Jam House and other gigs around Plymouth has really enhanced Bella’s confidence and it has become evident that her music could evolve into much more than just a hobby.

The plan for Bella is to keep writing songs, performing wherever she can and hopefully get an EP out very very soon.

Watch this space!!
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