Berlins girl fronted riot rock outfit Bonsai Kitten hail from the German capitals eclectic undergroud scene. Bonsai Kittens new sound has an urgency and force that also captures the band's sweat-drenched and ecstatic live shows, putting a new rock movement on the global map. On their new album "MINDCRAFT" Tiger Lilly Marleens distinctive strikingly sultry voice rips out of the speakers with vicious teeth and sets the band firmly amongst the elite set of Germany's current crop of rock and punk bands.
But beneath the initial force of the delivery, the underlying playfulness of the band is what makes them properly contagious. Whosoever thought guitar-rock was dead can draw a fresh breath, it is is back. With a blowtorch!
The four-piece started in 2007, when they released their selfentitled debut EP only in Japan on the record label ON THE HILL. After excessive touring in Europe the band released the full length albums „Done With Hell“ (2011), „Welcome To My World“ (2012) and „Occupy Yourself!“ (2014), which have earned them the reputation as one of the most exciting new bands to come out of Germany.
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Punk rock
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