Chris Devotion and The Expectations


Chris Devotion & The Expectations - or CD/EX if urgency is your prerogative – are fond of a little savage rock’n'roll and a pert frolic with the classic pop song. Coming together in perfect harmonious, lyrical and mathematical order for an approximate running time of 2 and a half minutes, these songs have the power to align planets. Part swaggering hubris, part relationship-confessional, these songs remind you of the joyful existence of your reproductive organs, while at the same time the bitter knowledge that you’ve been dumped.


Yeah, you know the ones.

Chris Devotion’s story is as wired as his music, and there’s a strong sense that there’s no such thing as glory for this man unless it is by the most riff-slaying of means. Based in Glasgow, Scotland, Devotion cut his teeth executing riotous performances in such glamorous locations as a disused nunnery and a fetish club, garnering ringing endorsements along the way from his rock’n’roll peers (both John Reiss of Rocket From The Crypt fame and Titus Andronicus have openly declared their admiration).

At the turn of the decade Devotion employed the illustrious talents of The Expectations, a trio of suited-and-booted thrashers, to bolster the foundations of Devotion’s own high octane template. Please God, please Allah, please Ricardo Montalban, stand aside and let these men swagger!

All the showmanship and melodic charm is here from the off on the alluring, aural explosion of ‘A Modest intimately frames a dwindling relationship (“lift a veil and the kindness is gone”) before ramping up the charge with some political lampooning (“Let me tell you that you should know better, when they say that we’re in this together”), a not so subtle dig at the current Conservative led UK coalition government.

‘Tell the Girl’ is chock full of pop-fuelled efforts to turn pining into loving (“we’ve all been a little obsessed, it’s only going to get you depressed”). Let's face it, everybody loves a good I-wanna-fuck-you-so-bad song, Prince and the Buzzcocks made a career out of them and if it’s good enough for them…

Recorded and mixed with producer Andy Miller (Sons & Daughters, Life Without Buildings, The Delgados) at his own Gargleblast Studios, both tracks are taken from the forthcoming debut album, Amalgamation and Capital due for release in the New Year on Armellodie Records. The single is available on limited edition Vinyl-replica CD and digital download from all major stores.

"Guitar music is dead, is it? CD/EX offer hope. Fantastic." - Daily Record

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