Costantino Carrara

Costantino Carrara is an Italian pianist and musician.
In 2011 it opens a YouTube channel just for fun, and he starts uploading some of his favorite arrangements: now there are about 25 million views and 200,000 subscribers.

Costantino was born in Bitonto in 1997 and since young, through a keyboard received as a gift from his grandparents, discovers the attractive world of music.
At the age of 12 years begins to take piano lessons and after only a short time he decided to open his own YouTube channel, uploading his first, but already significant performances.
During his high school life, he participates in the annual school musical, taking care of the music arrangements of some stage shows taken from the great classics of Italian and foreign literature. In this way, it develops large arrangement capacity, skills that will lead him to record his music professionally.
He studied piano at the Conservatory "N. Piccinni" under the guidance of Luigi Ceci.
It ranks second in the competition organized by Bewons, a social network for musicians, with his personal interpretation of "See You Again" recorded in the woodland.
In the last year he has collaborated on several events promoted in partnership with YouTube Italy. These include participation in Medimex held in Bari and in PianoCity Milan, that allowed him important new opportunities for growth and confrontation.
Sometimes he engage in amateur performances with guitar, while his interest in electronic music becomes stronger, in which he try out new compositions and live performances.
Today attends the last year of the"Carmine Sylos" High School and currently takes Piano Jazz lessons from the musician and composer Alberto Iovene.
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