De ImperfAction

A neo-funk rock band De ImperfAction brought together a group of talented aspiring musicians from all over the globe. Their compositions reflect a wide range of social injustice: they speak up about growing lack of privacy on a planet; about the enormous amount of rape and murder in the world; about our hardened unholy generation; about people becoming social toys; about the losers and wanna-be ones; about disconnection and desolation of a modern man, lost and outcast.

Music can be a powerful tool, a weapon, and De ImperfAction musicians seem to be taking it rather seriously pouring out on their audience the entire range of human emotions: hate and sarcasm, sadness and empathy, anger and love.

Their style is a quirky mix of a heavy funk with the bits of rapping set on the Baroque period influenced harmonies.
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Hip hop
Modern rock
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