DJ Pogodina + #Keepminskweird: punk'n'post-everything

Based in Minsk (occasionally in Berlin) #KeepMinskWeird is DJ Pogodina, Scarlett and our team of musicians, DJs, graphic designers, visual/fine/make-up artists, photographers, decorators and volunteers.

We make our city more welcoming for music lovers, decadent subculture freaks and culturally-aroused individuals. In the name of art an better social climate.

Our projects:

#PostEverythingParty - theme parties with live acts, performances, dressing up, movie screenings and art installations.

Art-laboratory 'BOWIE: from station to station' - a 6-hour long daytime event to discover David Bowie through music, visual art and workshops.

#RoughTradeDay - rock-n-roll flee market, a festival of street (sub)cultures.

#PostEverythingRadio - a podcast about the imperfection of the world. Live and then recorded with DJ Pogodina and our special guests.

#PostEverythingLog - video log about our rock-n-roll routine inside the post-soviet reality.

Since 2011 we organised more than 100 events in Minsk and Berlin. And we aim for more.

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We've collaborated with:

Helen Green (illustrator), JJ.OK (live), Clara Venus (live), Deproverst (DJ, live),, Nadya Sayapina (painter), Dead Cassette (DJ), Maxim Kulsha (DJ; the Blackmail, Super Besse), StasM (DJ; the Toobes), Artem Zalesskiy (drums; Silver Wedding, Gurzuf, Перебор), NEW FEΔR (DJ), DJ Mono Phonic (Sonic Pop Allnighter), John Donald (DJ; the Human Elephant, Rats Live On No Evil Star), Paul Kehoe (DJ; Monaco, Peter Hook and the Light), Sergei Pukst (DJ; Pukst band), Alex Chernuho (DJ;, DJ Psy Moon, Olga Silkina (DJ).
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