Dominik Vaillant

Dominik Vaillant is the head behind Berlin’s techno label Analogue Audio as well as a solid rock in the release radar of todays underground music – a figurehead in his profession and an admired producer, DJ and live performer. More than a decade of keeping up the soul of analogue machines in techno made his music settle down in many sales lists and shelves of records stores.
Since the ‘Outcast EP’ and his remix for Owen Offset’s ‘Inhale’ in 2016, the rocket is fired and the album in the musical brewery. Getting played on big festivals like Awakenings and global techno clubs is the result of hard studio work besides managing the label. Long-term project ‘Dandom’ together with Daniel Cuminale has become consistent, as well as collaborations with Superstrobe. Lately, selected remixes and releases on Gain Rec. or Lauter Unfug, and for artists like Israel Toledo, Sven Sossong, Owen Offset and Smilla tightened his standing, and yielded gigs at Festivals like Ruhr in Love and Uckeralm Festival, as well as a residency in Luxembourg and label showcases in Berlin.

Vaillant is not that guy typical guy of a DJ, even he spins records since he was 18 years old. Unaware of time, he likes to spend time in dark basements with his diverse devices and turning knobs. The sounds of synthesizers and modulators are his matter, and elixir as well - respective a real studio guy. The early learning of harmonics and the experience of endless studio sessions evolved him into a pure music composer, who produces as well some other artists nowadays.

His current releases reached an audible tonal maturity, which counts him to the top of the contemporary techno producers. The way of his techno is raw but organic. Round and groovy-massive bass drums without remarkable mechanical elements, but essentially with structured and intermeshing percussions. The roots are obviously in the traces of Detroit techno and based on analogue sounding devices of former ages with a futuristic touch. In face of seasonable moods of many tracks, there’s a general immortality in his productions and sets. The extensive environment influences him steadily to various modified styles. Through different deep and housy sounds, he always finds way back to “strictly techno”, which is usually predestinated for the peak time. Profound engagement with musical structures and the interest for historical backgrounds reveal an absolute Vaillant, who is thirsty for more.

His baby ANALOGUE AUDIO is more than a statement for the techno music market – it’s his credo! As simple the label’s name may sound, the more true and honest it is! Within a short time he built a stable fortress. “Quality over quantity” is the highest assumption of this instance. Much value is put on the ever-surviving vinyl. The first releases in 2011 struck like bombs, so each one landed on No. 1 of the pre-sale charts so far. Acts and remixer like The Advent, DJ Rush, Joey Beltram, Broombeck, Pierre Deutschmann, Raphael Dincsoy, Joseph Disco and much more are the guarantors, that there’s no visible end in the ramble. Building his own label artist tribe and community with its unique sound is the goal to go. The story “Dominik Vaillant” is surely not finished at this point, but which wondrous chapters will be continued, is still written in the techno-stars – the glowing and shining ones, those which longest burning rate is yet ahead.
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