When guitarist Doug McKendrick and drummer Ritchie Idle advertised for “a bass player with a big stage presence”… Mr. Steve Hoggart replied. One little rehearsal later...and no others were considered!

Up until now, Steve, has been a long time bass player/writer for Teesside popular punks “The Amazing Space Frogs” and has played all over the country with them. He has been around a bit with other bands too like Riot Act, Snide Remarks and loads of bass for hire gigs taking him all over Europe. One of his first bands Ardkore, were signed up with AVM/Metalworks their first album “Nalpalm Stixx To Kidzz” receiving great reviews, 5 stars from metal hammer magazine. His influences are: Beer, Billy Sheehan, Lemmy, beer, Jaco Pastorius, Steely Dan, Slayer, beer, Frank Zappa and er, Beer! He also claims that the best venue in the world is The Sun Inn, Stockton-On-Tees! The best pint of Bass on the planet.

Doug started off in local bands too. His first band Punch was an exciting three piece that gigged all over the North East and gained great reviews for their offbeat rock, very different from the Grunge that was popular at the time. After the demise of Punch, he was lead singer in the band Thread, before joining his mate Paul Anderson (from Punch) in a duo called Squid and Risotto; back again on guitar but singing too. Later playing with X-Seed, the band was signed up to the Bleeding Hearts label and released their album Desolation producing great reviews. Later, after not playing for years, Doug blew off the cobwebs of his guitar, had some jazz lessons, learned some fancy chords, chucked in some of the old heavy stuff and now writes the new and exciting tunes for Drrifft. His influences are: Hendrix, Kings X, Steve Wilson, Porcupine Tree and loadsa prog.

Rich is the drummer, he’s played in a variety of bands from prog to punk, acoustic to rock, everyone a challenge which he loves. Rich also played in Punch. He was luckily enough to have played with: White Trash, Superfly 9, Snide Remarks, Cracked Mundevilles and Afraid To Sleep too. High-lights were headlining Stockton’s first Fringe Festival (including the next few years too) and playing the Indie Tracks festival. Influences are: John Bonham, Stewart Copeland, Led Zep, The Police, Black Sabbath, Hendrix and Murphy’s Stout.
The band are currently working on their début album, no title as yet but will be released on Nil By Mouth Recordings, It is looking more than likely that the band will release a 3 track EP showcasing tunes from the album.
Watch this space…
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