"There’s depth, nuance, clattering highs and more than enough meat to chew on repeat listens – plus it’s just a lot of fun" - Chris Grenville (Monolith)

"Simultaneously comforting and disconcerting, like getting drunk with your best friends wife, Edit…. celebrate and molest genres with equal temerity" - John Whitmore (The Circle Pit)

“edityourhometown are a gem; melding indie, jazz and hardcore like an avant-garde sculptor.” - Anthony Giles (Brighton Noise)

"...over the course of four minutes they cram in so many different genres they defy classification. " (Brighton Music Blog)

"It’s a combination of ambient, jazzy little guitar riffs, angry speeches, beckoning vocals, hammering chords, and slashing screams. There’s as much soft groove as there is hardcore jams, tied together with a mathematical dissonance." - Jeff Pish (math-rock.net)

"...odd time sequences, inventive chord structures and certainly clever, but it also bristles with emotion and ferocity." - Aidan Hehir (Yeahbuddyblog)

"We Fell From The Top Of The End Of The World makes symmetry out of chaos and order, the technicality and lyrical poignancy winding together in a dizzying display." - Matt Miles (Yack Magazine)
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Ambient music
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