Eleni Mylona

Born and raised in the beautiful island of Cyprus, Eleni Mylona has embarked in artistic endeavours since a young age. With a background in dance and choreography, painting and writing, Eleni has dedicated her career in music as a vocalist and performer, after discovering her passion for singing. She has collaborated with internationally acclaimed artists as Giannis Spanos and Vicky Mosholiou, one of the greatest Greek artists of all time. Eleni Mylona continues her artistic journey currently in London as a songwriter and music producer, writing music for film and songs that speak to the heart. Her latest performance in Southbank Centre, January 2016 has been a showcase of her talent, singing in 6 languages and performing music from around the world, including jazz, chanson, fado, flamenco, bossa and traditional Greek and Cypriot music. Recently Eleni has made her debut as an actor in short films and continues to explore her artistry through image and film as a filmmaker. To Eleni Mylona, all art forms are connected and become an objective of her work, as diversity and emotional truth translate through her versatility as an artist and performer.
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