Bonsai Kitten live @ Bread & Butter Berlin

Georganiseerd door BONSAI KITTEN
  • Donderdag 5 juli 2012 19:00
  • Tempelhofer Damm 45, Berlin
Punk rock
This year, Bonsai Kitten will be at the Fashion Week, showing off their music in a new style ;-) the accoustic style!
We can´t be as loud as demanded, but we sure can be as wild as necessary to show those fashion victims where "the hammer hangs" ;-)
So come out and grace us with your presence, when you are at the Bread and Butter in Berlin in July :-) and support us!

We are here:
ST-18.3 Style Society Hall,
Lola Ramona

4th of July 17h
5th of July 15h & 17h
Accoustic set -
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