Easter Showcase Extravaganza

Georganiseerd door The Sonnenbergs
  • Donderdag 17 april 2014 23:00
  • Gneisenaustr.18, Berlin
THE SONNENBERGS HAVE GOTTEN BETTER LIVE!!! NOT REALLY... (See for yourselves on April 17th, 2014)

Gabba Gabba Hey, fellow Easter Bunnies, how have you been? That's awesome!

Now, immediately stop everything you are doing and grab a Kleenex cos we have some awesometacular news for you: Rocky Sonnenberg is not pregnant. Also, our band THE SONNENBERGS will return after a way-too-long hiatus and play an exclusive Easter Showcase Extravaganza at the legendary Junction Bar in Berlin-Kreuzberg while our resident drum and drummer Danimal Sonnenberg has some time off from his job as a jelly doughnut filler.

Even awesometacular-er is that we’ll be doing the show together with our friends of MOTO who kindly offered to open the evening for us. We are truly grateful for them playing with us again considering the fact that we hocked all of their profits from our last show with them for crack. Totally worth it. YOLO.

Speaking of our shows: In past years, they have been described as both "alright" and "O.K.". After some inspirational and transpirational rehearsals, our performances have become 8% better and are now being hailed as "decent" and "satisfactory". Also, our music is not really groundbreaking, essential, provocative, or particularly anticipated, but it is loud. Very much so, in fact. Our guitar wizzard Andy Sonnenberg is known and feared for "turning it up to 11". Also, Annie Sonnenberg's recently acquired fuzz pedal adds a new level of ferocity and distortion to our sound.

By the way, the new and improved Sonnenbergs are:

Rocky Sonnenberg - rhythm guitar, vocals, intrepid leader and benevolent dictator
Annie Sonnenberg - bass, vocals, the one with legions of friends
Andy Sonnenberg - lead guitar, gazillions of pedals, Tony Soprano smile
Danimal Sonnenberg - drums, head band, bare midriff, fart hands

Doors open at 9 p.m. and the showcase will probably start at about 9:30 p.m. Please do not come.
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