Wikipedia (Steve Johnson):
"Perhaps Fish's greatest talent lies in his lyric writing. His introspective lyrics, often dealing with his own personal problems and addictions, can in many cases be considered fine poetry..."

"A dynamic personal presence, both off and on stage..."

"Few artists have achieved near-mythic cult status in the way that Scottish singer-songwriter Fish has."

Graeme Smith, S1play:
"...being at one of his gigs is like being entertained by a boisterous host at a particularly loud private party."

Paul Rose:
"...he'll never be fashionable. Whether it was as the lead singer of Marillion, or during his solo career, Fish has always been unjustly looked down upon by the music press at large. It's their loss: as one of this country's most charismatic and versatile acts, Fish has produced a body of work which rivals that of any contemporary."

Edinburgh Evening News:
"It's all great fun, and the crowd loved it. But in full flow Fish prowls the stage, a sinister and brooding figure. Dynamic and powerful, he roars out the lyrics with undiluted passion, at all times in total control of the crowd. A national tabloid recently suggested that Fish was no longer relevant to the music industry. If that is true then the music industry has lost touch with great music, entertainment, passion and lyrics that make you stop and think."

"As a lyricist, Fish has always been heartfelt, poetic and prolific, repeatedly focusing on both deeply personal issues and wider social themes, shrugging off accusations of 'sixth-form sentimentality' to produce some of the most emotionally honest and moving verse to breach the UK mainstream..."
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