Jacques, a robin

Often compared to the likes of Antony and the Johnsons, Scott Walker and Richard Hawley, Jacques, a robin’s singing and songwriting stem from Davide’s soul journey. This started a few years ago in Italy, his country of origin, and quite naturally landed in England, where many of the artists who inspired him came from.

Jacques' dark, sensual and solitary music investigates archetypal themes, literary characters and dreamy, eerie, melancholy stories that seek to inspire a search for truthful emotional expression.

'Statuettes' is Jacques, a robin’s debut album, a collection of seven chamber-pop ballads.

Jacques’ peculiar dark and velvety baritone sets his mysterious storytelling within a kaleidoscope-like ambience created by violin, guitars, cello, french horn, clarinet, flute, double bass, piano, backing vocals, drums and percussion, studio effects and snippets of music concrete.

Produced at Bristol’s Robot Club with Stew Jackson (Phantom Limb, Massive Attack), it features guest musicians such as Beth Porter and Patrick Duff, who says ‘I consider Jacques to be an authentic artist and a unique voice in music today’.

Davide’s interests lie also in film making, body performance, visuals, poetry, fiction and essay writing.
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