Tramp-rock upstarts formed over High Tea in 2010 by Matt, an unashamedly egotistical, self-proclaimed 'best guitarist on the South-Coast' singer/songwriter and Mark, a peace loving, Man Vs Food record holding, hippy guitar player.

Following extended on-the-road auditions, the band found drummer Scott in 2013, who possesses a beautiful mind and previously auditioned as Carol Vorderman's replacement on Channel 4 student-fest, Countdown. He can still been seen from time-to-time donning his leather elbowpads and talking the band through the square root of their hyperbolic rhythms.

Bass player Sam completed the band line-up in 2014 bringing along his own line of homemade over-sized shoes which he sells at American bigfoot conventions each summer.

2015 promises Mr Fusion, Flying Cars, Hoverboards, the release of the bands debut album 'Dipsomania' and habituated self-promotion through the ever receding platform of live performance. 'This isn’t your Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 90’s cool, nobody’s wearing rad shades here, this is the grunge of OUR times' - Give it back magazine 2014.
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