True: if they picked up their headphones, USB sticks and Beatport Top 100's to make some quick cash and blindly follow the herd into musical oblivion.

False: if they started out experimenting with turntables and mixers based on an early, innocent obsession with everything related to mixed sounds & music, like the process LENNOZ (Belgium) went through in 2009.

Overrated DJ's would be the ones spamming every big club's or party concept's inbox begging for a gig or a set, thus forgetting the fundamental aspect that should be the essence of every DJ's being: mixing and/or making music.

LENNOZ on the other hand did indeed let his music do the talking and promoting: after having mastered the basics of his precious mixing units, he started putting mixtapes online. It didn't take long for people to notice his abilities and to ask him as a DJ at private parties.

Overrated DJ's -at this stage- would already start thinking of themselves as "kind of a big deal" and illogically increase their fees up to unrealistic amounts.

LENNOZ however played it cool and looked for ways to develop even further his mixing artistry: he entered a DJ contest at the end of 2009, aced it and got the opportunity to play at his first Belgian festival (Diversity).

His ticket on the Local Success Rocket took an extra year to arrive in the mail: February 2011 he was invited for a DJ audition at a local bar (Café Alma) in Antwerp. Again, acing he did, earning him his first weekly residency and a lot of exposure.

NEXT GOAL: performing at a club, which took another few months to achieve (August 2011). After that, the only way was up:

• resident at Carré (Funky Mondays)
• Main Stage Sunrise Festival (2014)
• resident at SkyClub (NOXX / IKON)
• resident at Acte6
• resident at DIXIES

Overrated DJ's would take every opportunity to mention these big references to everyone out there. Truth is, I didn't even know about them until I had to write him this bio.
Again: the musical aspect is considered to be the most important thing for LENNOZ when it comes to "being a DJ". He'll find endless pleasure in reworking or bootlegging originals, mixing them together in the most creative and unexpected of ways...with only one goal: A CROWD (big or small) NOT DANCING IS A GIG NOT WORTH MENTIONING.
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