For five years he's been touring the whole world. His mission: Raising nightlife to a new level. MaxXDrums offers not only a treat for clubbers' ears but also for their eyes: an excellent drum show that beats everything you've ever seen. In more than a hundred clubs people have been partying to MaxXDrums, e.g. at Sky Club in Frankfurt, Baby! in Munich or the Sanctuary Nightclub at the legendary Atlantis Hotel in Dubai - and not to forget the Amnesia, Ibiza's legendary club and regular haunt of DJ-gods like Sven Vath, Paul van Dyk or Armin van Buuren, where MaxXDrums made people rock from all over the world. With his show going way beyond the usual DJ-set, MaxXDrums demonstrated his festival qualities at the >>Ibiza Open Air<< in Ulm and enthralled more than 15000 visitors. And now he's back! Following his mantra >>Sex, Drums & Rock'n'Roll<<, he starts his new tour across Germany and around the world, promising brand new beats and heavy basses. Enthusiastic fans can keep on going and look forward to the near future because MaxXDrums will soon release his first album, which will defintely be a bold master piece. His tracks clearly stand out from the usual stuff. In the past years, he has developed his own unique style which will always spice up a long party night. Besides, MaxXDrums has cooked up some real treats for his fans. Apart from sexy rockstar dancers, even more pyrotechnic devices including flamethrowers will send the audience into raptures and make the show even wilder, louder and - really hot! >>My new show will be a musical aphrodisiac, driving men into ecstacy and making women shiver and shake!<<, MaxXDrums declares confidently.
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