Mouth To Mouth

Guy Greenough, singer with Mouth To Mouth, was also the vocalist in late 70s punk band The Vacants along with Martin Chambers who went on to drum for the Pretenders and former Downliners Sect guitarist Terry Clemson (Gibson).

Here's an extract from an article from the Triple J website about the original record. "A copy of the original 1979 "Gallery of Dolls/Life in the Subterrain" 7" single, at that time thought to be the only remaining copy in existence, and described as a "super rare punk 7 inch" and "the holy grail of punk", appeared on eBay in September 2010, and sold for a whopping £670.00. In the ensuing frenzy, a pack of retro record labels fought over the rights, with the winner emerging as the Italian Rave Up Records label, releasing the single, again on vinyl, in 2011.”

In 2013 Guy decided to re-record Life In The Subterrain with old friends. The bass player, Simon, had known Guy since playing with him in The Greenhouse of Terror in the mid 80's. It was recorded in April after no rehearsal whatsoever. Simon hadn't seen or spoken to Guy since 1986 and had never even met the drummer or guitarist, Sean and Daniel!

They played through it twice and then recorded this new version . The keyboards were recorded separately by the original Australian born keyboard player, Andy, now based in Germany and a second guitar track was added by Simon’s old mate Stephen Roberts from the 1978 Wales based punk band The Cellophane Boys.

This new recording of Life In The Subterrain was produced by Joe Foster (Slaughter Joe), co-founder of Creation Records and producer of early Jesus and Mary Chain, My Bloody Valentine and Primal Scream.

Life In The Subterrain was originally recorded and written in 1978 by singer Guy Greenough and Rob Crasti.
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