Narrenschiff were formed as a trio in 2010, by Mattia (lead guitar), Riccardo (rhythm guitar) and Gerson (drums).
The band keeps this line-up for the first year, taking its musical inspiration from bands like Kyuss, Dozer, Slo Burn, Queens of the Stone Age and stoner rock in general; during this period they propose a purely instrumental version of stoner music.
After several months of experimenting in search of the right sound, they decide to leave one guitar in favour of a bass guitar, which will be played by Riccardo.
Subsequently they perform live within Marche’s territory, attending the “Scorribande” music contest in December and despite their exit at the semifinals, the trio receives positive comments and ratings, both from the audience and the judges. Those feedbacks motivate the band that decides to keep going with its project.
After a six months break due to the absence of one of the members, they decide to further improve their sound, updating the equipment and adding vocals to their tracks, with Riccardo becoming the lead singer.
During July 2011 they attend the “Vibes from the Hill”, an important italian stoner festival, sharing the stage with bands like Lucertulas, Marnero and Gerda.
After few other lives in february 2013, both in Marche, Emilia Romagna and Abruzzo, they decide to record a three tracks demo at the Untouchable Woman Studio - Senigallia (AN) - wich will be mixed by David Lenci, well known italian recording engineeer.
One month after the release of the demo they get a call from the italian emergent label “Red Sound Records”, already sponsoring bands like Le Scimmie, Zippo, Dotzauer, Muschio and Woodwall.
They sign a two-years contract that will see them involved in the studio-album recording during the summer of 2014.
A collaboration begins in June 2013, with didgeridoo and jaw harp player Francesco Lilli, which composes a new song and attends some gigs with the band.
Thanks to this new line-up the band opens to further experimentation and new sounds, always keeping its stoner sound and attitude.
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Stoner rock
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