Nick Craddock

Nick Craddock has been active as a DJ since the late 90s. He grew up in the North of England, where formative experiences on the dancefloors of The Orbit and Voodoo exposed him to the tougher strains of techno laid down by DJs like Jeff Mills, Dave Clarke and Claude Young. It's a love affair which has endured, though his musical path has taken various directions over the years.

Moving to London in 2000, Nick immersed himself in the club scene, taking a job as a music PR for labels such as Tresor, Force Inc and Mille Plateaux. As his DJ profile developed, he scored early gigs at Plastic People and Fabric and guested at many of the capital's clubs. Nick held a number of residencies throughout the 2000s but, most significantly, connected with Lakuti and Portable's Süd Electronic parties in 2003 and joined them as resident DJ - remaining a regular fixture at their parties until the demise of Süd in November 2011; featuring on their farewell show on NTS radio alongside Lakuti, Portable and Tama Sumo.

Public praise and some high profile namechecks brought increased attention and, as general appreciation for the craft of DJing enjoyed a renaissance, Nick began to establish wider recognition among the ranks - finding a place in FACT Magazine's '100 underrated DJs who deserve more shine' in 2014. The elevated profile was instrumental in helping to propel Nick through the glass ceiling which often hampers those DJs who choose not to dabble in production.

Technically, he comes from a tradition of vinyl DJing, and is as adept at quick cuts and spinbacks as smooth blends and long mixes - the vast wealth of recorded sets to be found online pay testament to this wide range of styles. In addition to his own online archive of mixes dating back to 2002, Nick has contributed podcasts to: FACT, Smoke Machine, Electronic Explorations, Fabric, Sonotown, SeekSickSound, Butter Side Up and more. Three of his mixes have been picked up by Resident Advisor for their 'Mix of the Day' slot. He also compiled and mixed a cassette release for the Paris-based Collapsing Market crew in 2015.

As momentum gathered pace, Nick's gig schedule became busier - some key dates in the last few years include Fabric with Hessle Audio, Bloc Festival, Boiler Room with Karenn, Dommune in Tokyo, Acetate and Butter Side Up in Leeds, shows in London for Black Atlantic and Make Me, Selective Hearing in Manchester, Twisted Pepper in Dublin, Sub Club in Glasgow, trips to Paris, Bordeaux, Rennes, Berlin and Estonia. Alongside the club shows, he's appeared regularly on NTS Live and Rinse FM, and hosted his own monthly radio shows on KMAH and Radar (with Gateway To Zen).

In 2014, Nick launched 'Gateway To Zen', a new techno night based in London. The venture established a solid following at venues such as Rye Wax, Canavan’s, Corsica Studios and one-off appearances such as Bloc Festival. He left GTZ in 2017 to pursue other projects.

In late 2016, Nick relocated to Lisbon, where he quickly found a place within the thriving underground music scene. He hosts a regular show on Rádio Quântica and plays out regularly in the city's clubs. He's also begun trying his hand at music production. Watch this space...
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