Nugget were formed in London in late 2013 by three virtuoso players who create an idiosyncratic collage of original jazz-fusion and thrilling math-rock. An assemblage of genuine masters of their instruments, Nugget are prodigious Toronto-born guitarist and producer Julien Baraness, a graduate of Boston’s famed Berklee College of Music; Italian bass instructor and touring clinician Alex Lofoco, who studied at the Tech Music School; and fellow graduate, drummer Jamie Murray, who, when not on Nugget duty, serves as a session sticksman at several London studios. The trio’s tunes are technically flawless but always accessible, displaying dynamic and structural clarity while mashing elements of metal, reggae, hip-hop and drum’n’bass. Jaw-dropping to experience live, Nugget have garnered rapturous acclaim at shows in London and the South of France, received endorsements from various pro-audio companies and now, with the release of their debut five-track EP, are ready to commence total cross-pollination of music’s most enduring genres.
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Hip hop
Heavy metal
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