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verb: retract; 3rd person present: retracts; past tense: retracted; present participle: retracting

1. draw or be drawn back or back in. "she retracted her hand from mine“ 2. pull in, draw in, pull back. ”I retracted against what I was being sold "
3. withdraw (a statement or accusation) as untrue or unjustified. “her words like venom retracting in time with the melody in my head"

By setting no limitations in style or instrumentation and by embracing emotional discourse, re: tract produces honest and often heart wrenching musical landscapes to loose yourself in. Aligning with visual concepts that are as inspiring to watch as they are to listen too and with a focus on Live electronic music... remixing on the fly, live synths, live vocals, live shows... there is nothing but a passion for music and the desire to authentically express a stance on this world at the driving force of re:tract’s agenda.
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