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EVYN Summary:

The journey of the fourteen-year-old Evyn begins as he gets strongly pulled into the distance by an unknown force. The boy lost his primary caregiver by the disappearance of his brother three years ago. So it is not hard for him to spontaneously leave the city to follow the winsome force. He grabs his patchwork blanket, which his brother gave him for his ninth birthday just before he turns his back on his home. The blanket will be his only companion on his journey and it’s going to help Evyn to withstand all difficult situations.

Various phenomena guide Evyn to different places. Among many positive experiences the boy is also faced with social and political grievances. He is youthful and naive but always courageous and critical – always searching for answers and solutions. Evyn is growing with every stage of his journey.

In one of the first chapters the boy reaches a coastal town with a cruel and absurd tradition. Hundreds of pilot whales get slaughtered in a festive atmosphere and he can‘t believe his eyes as he sees that even children participate. Evyn is shocked and his feet get tied to the ground while the bay turns blood-red. The merciless procedure of the villagers towards the peaceful and defenseless whales disappoints him deeply. He tries to make eye contact with every single person and raises his voice with the words of his lost brother: „They are one of a kind! Like every you and me“ (Dear Liv Ivy)

In another chapter Evyn arrives in Homs, a city in a remote desert country where he learns to enjoy the simple things in life. A family accommodates him for a few days and Evyn is overwhelmed by their hospitality. The boy draws comparisons to the life he knew by then and learns to appreciate small things. He‘s fine with having some food, water, a place to sleep and a familiar surrounding. On the fourth night after his arrival the son of the family gets seriously injured through a bomb blast… this is the first time Evyn gets in touch with the injustice and the relentlessness of war.

Evyn wants to stay in Homs to lend the family a helping hand but he is kind of forced to leave the town to find his destination. The journey goes on and on – sometimes hasty, now and then weary, often melancholic and thoughtful but always exciting yet instructive.

At the end of his journey Evyn reaches an old village close to the sea. He enjoys the scenery but he’s still no idea of what could have taken him so far into the distance. All signs are slowly fading. Evyn considers himself to be at his destination not knowing that his brother is nearby…

EVYN Release Date: September 19th 2014

- Through Love Records
- Shivery Productions
- Koepfen Records
- Lacklustre Records
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