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"Whilst many acoustic acts prefer to be the enigma and allow their songs to do all the talking, Simon seems to have no problem diving headfirst into audience immersion, providing them with plenty of songs to sing their hearts out to" - FullMusic

"His charismatic, bouncy play-style and penchant for engaging the audience in sing-along and banter puts a spike of energy through a bar regardles of what time he's on"- Myk Check

"Good natured brand of showmanship" -Bluesbunny Reviews

"Describes himself as more or less acoustic punk, but I hear a fair slice of 60′s protest folk in there" - Fried Gold Music

Solo acoustic act, mostly punk based stuff, with some other genres thrown in as well. Think along the lines of Foo Fighters, Frank Turner, The Clash, Bruce Springsteen and you get the general idea.
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Punk rock
Folk punk
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