Skilly Skillz

• Beat This CIC Project Co*ordinator - Award winning
• Events Manager/promoter/organizer
• Performed for Her Majesty’s Diamond Jubilee
• UK Beatbox Championships Ranked in the top 16
• 3rd place in the Boom Bap Festival Beatbox Battles 2012
• Founder of the first UK Tag Team Championship (KOLAB)
• Lead percussionist conductor for the Beat Orchestra with Britten Sinfonia
• Beatbox Mentor for Vocalize Crew Awarded by the High Sheriff of Cambridgeshire
• Appeared on BBC Cambridgeshire Radio - talking about the educational curriculum
• Working associate of 20 Stories High
• Regular Beatbox Mentor for Sin Cru - Cambridge
• Working associate for ADEC in Little Port
• National Music Practitioner working with all additional needs
• Collaborated with Bassment Jaxx 2014
• Music Practitioner Associate for Phoenix School - Peterborough
• 2nd in the 8th Wonder Beatbox Battles 2014
• Working artist with Vivacity/ Cross Keys Homes/ City Council/ Youth Services
• CEO and Founder of Your Choice UNLTD - the peoples investment plan
• Beatbox Practitioner for the University of Birmingham Bramal 2016

Skilly Skillz by stage name, is an Artistic Human Percussionist (Human Beatboxer), Mentor/ Community Project Coordinator - Beat This CIC / Social Entrepreneur and has performed to thousands of people all over the Nation.

Kieran has been on an incredible music journey over the last decade, gaining experience from performing, hosting, collaborating, organizing/ directing projects and has now dedicated his life to his family and career - teaching his knowledge to his community he has learned over the many years. After turning his life around from a life of bad surroundings, Skillz, single father of two aged 11 and 7 - recently left his role as a keyworker engaging and educating young people in care. Whilst working with challenging behaviour, Skillz gained the knowledge of the processes and protocols with local authority care orders and delivered extra support to ensure the young people received the best equal and diverse opportunities. Skillz would take the young people to his recourses and deliver professional workshops for free under his role as a keyworker. Since working with young people under a local authority order, skillz has supported and watched lives change for the better and continues to deliver personal development workshops. Whilst working in the day and supporting the next generation from the streets, to care - Skillz also cares for his 11 year old Daughter which is diagnosed with Tonic Epilepsy and uses his own life experiences to engages with all ages and additional needs. Skillz was diagnosed with Tourette's Syndrome in 2013 and now encourages others to engage with music as a way to channel their energy into a positive state of mind when having ticks. Skilly Skillz is an active artist and continues to push the boundaries of the art form of beatboxing to connect with young people and challenging behaviour in Peterborough.

His stage presence and hosting has been described as being: a high energetic, "enthusiastic leader and entertainer, very comical and entertaining” (High Sheriff of Cambridgeshire 2011)

Vocalise Crew - Cross Keys Association -
Skilly Skillz continues to teach his talent to his community by working with many Schools in his local and surrounding area. Himself and his students Vocalize (funded by the High Sheriff Awards 2011 to 2014) performed for events such as the BITC awards, Volunteer Awards Peterborough, Green Back Yard Community projects, leading to performing for Her Majesty's Diamond Jubilee 2012 and more. The project was aimed for young people that are deprived from the equal opportunities surrounding musical orientated projects. Since then, skills supported all the members through their education and encouraged personal development - visiting them on special occasions at their Schools ensuring they were on track. Now, the young members are not so young and have transformed into potential social entrepreneurs.

Beat Orchestra -
Kieran supported and directed the percussion section of the Beat Orchestra which was funded and supported by Beat This CIC - Britten Sinfonia - Arts Awards and Orchestra Live. The project was to generate a diverse modern genre young peoples Orchestra. Beat This practitioners delivered the workshops teaching members musical skills, organisation, team leading and performance opportunities. All levels of practice were enrolled on the project and continues today.

UK Beatbox Championships –
Skilly Skillz competes in the UK Beatbox Championships regular and is currently ranked in the top 16. He continues to teach young people in workshops delivering advise and direction. Skillz had dedicated his career to passing on the knowledge to improve the community's creativity. Skillz will be competing again this year!

Local Schools -
Skillz continues to work with young people in many local Schools teaching his music module named AFN (Articulate Formula Notation) which was designed for all additional needs. He has created a method to teach young people human percussion as a language. This has been proven successful when working with ADHD - ADD - Tourette's Syndrome and Autism.

Your Choice UNLTD -
Kieran Steels has begun building a Social Enterprise that will work with National Citizen Service - Local Authorities and Youth Services. Over the last 10 years Mr Steels has been collecting information and dedicated to his learning to build a better future for the young people of Peterborough.

Your Choice UNLTD is Social Enterprise that is owned by the people.
Members that opt into a business that provides and delivers multi skilled and talented practitioners. Your Choice UNLTD works with organisations that supports and shares the vision of creating a trust fund for the people that subscribe to the ongoing project. YCU will be the first Social Enterprise that donates back to the city of Peterborough, allowing the people to have control and direction of new business developments that benefits the community. Each sole trader and permanent staff will opt into an investment scheme paying 6% of their wages into the Peterborough Trust Fund. YCU will deliver

• Package programmes
• Music School
• Entertainment Services
• Personal Advisers
• Business Development
• Youth Centres
• Pupil Referral Unit
• YCU Peterborough Trust Fund
• Discounts on high street prices
• Street Art Design - Events
• National Citizen Service
• Sign Language courses
• Urban Wedding Entertainment Hire
• Events - Festivals
• Promotional Packages
• Wedding Services
• Skateboarding Events
• Groundwork Maintenance..... and much more..
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