The Courettes

"WHAAAAUW! The Courettes is the garage duo sensation from Brazil and Denmark! It's savage! It's dynamic!

After the blasting debut album “Here are the Courettes” - critically acclaimed on the garage scene all around Europe - The Courettes are back with the SMASH HIT single “Boom! Dynamite!” + B-Side killer “T-C-H-A-U”! Straight from the legendary Toe Rag Studios in London, produced by Liam Watson. More fuzz! More screaming! Louder drums! More raw vocals! In good ol’ Analog’n’Couriffic MONO!!!

Flavia Couri (Vox, Guitar) and Martin Couri (Drums, Vox) in their short career have delivered their full-speed energetic performances in festivals like Cosmic Trip (France), Reeperbahn and Garageville (Germany), Franklin Fest (UK), SPOT, Gutter Island, Distortion, Copenhagen Psych Fest and Beat Circus (Denmark) and also rocked the stages in Finland, Spain, Sweden and Brazil and have received praising from some of the most important music journalists of the world like David Fricke (Rolling Stone) and Kieron Tyler (Mojo). A 7-inch split with Powersolo is out now and the second album is planned for the spring. The Courettes start 2017 performing two showcases at Eurosonic in The Netherlands and they also gonna be one of the attractions of the Vinyl & Music Festival in Austria. Stay tuned for more jungle wildness & loud as hell Scandinavian rock n’ roll!
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