The Electric Luddites


The Electric Luddites are a mature 5 piece rock band from Sheffield, South
Yorkshire, UK. The band specialise in original songs with anti-establishment
sentiments and left-leaning tendencies which they belt out with gusto together
with a selection of unusual covers ranging from the Clash to Kraftwerk.
With a line-up of guitars, sax, synth and e-drums , the band create a unique wall
of sound underpinned by their unrivalled pounding rhythm section that defies
conversation and demands toe-tapping at the very least and aspires joyous
cavorting to the converted.
All the band members are all long-serving musicians and songwriters with many
hundreds of hours of public performances behind them and encompass individual
backgrounds in an amazingly wide variety of genres from Folk and Country to
Hard Rock and Indie with Classical and Punk thrown in for the hell of it.
However, forsaking their individual musical backgrounds the Electric Luddites
sound is like none of these and to emphasise all breaks with the past this band of
musical and idiological brothers have decided to adopt new persona for their
stage performances
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Hard rock
Punk rock
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