The Feckin Ejits

The Ejits consist of Ian Coe on drums, Jason Plummer on lead guitar, Ron Rose on bass, Jez Scott on rhythm guitar and Aidan Stirling on vocals.

We play cracking original punk tunes with big choruses, a smile on our faces and a beer or four inside us! Find our stuff on iTunes and Spotify and let us know what you think!


The page was built to honour the passing of Passing of Alex Morison, guitarist and writer with the Feckin Ejits. Like most bands of that time, we were in it purely for the craic and we certainly had plenty of that. I personally believe Alex could have done so much better but he was dedicated to his job of being a nurse and that came first. Some of the hook lines and lyrics we wrote together still ring round my head but sadly we had very little recorded, so what folk hear is just what the years have let us keep. Someone somewhere, has old cassettes of the Ejits - I just hope I can find em to show what a class writer the boy was.
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Punk rock
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