The Goon Mat & Lord Benardo

These distinguished gentlemen have a problem:
They can never agree whether to drink their way through the liquour cabinet from right to left...or vice versa.
In between drinking and eying young ladies the way only the French can, THE GOON MAT and LORD BENARDO are the fiercest Boogie 'n' Roots natural catastrophe going on the European continent.
These bois don't open a show and ease into a set, the set the g'damn house on fire the moment they hit the first chord and yell: "Do you want to boogie?"
I advise each and everyone of ye to respond: "Hell yeah!"
What follows are 90 minutes of adrenaline and alcohol fused primal BOOGIE mayhem.
THE GOON MAT is hip to the hypnotic drone that is remiscent of a Junior Kimbrough and LORD BERNARDO...that boi has lost his mind and plays the most demented and groovin' harp I've heard in years.
Now all the hip blues punk kids talk like they've been to a jukejoint and we all know that they haven't but I'll be damned if these Boogie fiends wouldn't have stood their ground in Chulahoma or Holy Springs alongside the allmighty R.L. Burnside and T- Model Ford and their whisky guzzlin' bloodshot-eyed chums.
Now this ain't cutesy blues...this is testosterone driven, hard hitting drinkin' and dancin' music and it certainly ain't nuthin' for the underaged.
I shit you not...these partisan bluesmen are out to raise Cain..and mothers beware of your daughter 'cause these bois have ideas...and they ain't pure.
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